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THE Brand
Style GuiDE

One of the best investments you can make for your growing business is in it’s brand. With the Perspektiiv Design Co. Brand Style Guide, you walk away with a tool kit that will help you keep the visual personality of your business consistent and professional, no matter who is working on it.

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DESIGN Elements

1 Logo Lock Ups
Primary Logo
Secondary Logo

2 Color Palette
2 Primary Brand Colors
1 CTA Color
2 Neutral Colors

3 Typography
Header Font
Sub-Header Font
Body Copy Font

4 Style Board
Photography Direction
Social Media Inspiration
Brand Design Element Use

5 Additional Elements
Patterns + Textures
Custom Social Icons
Additional Brand Icons
*Upon request

See more examples of Perspektiiv Design Co. Brand Style Guides here.




1 Brand Style Guide
Brand toolkit in PDF + JPG form

2 Typography Set
All Font Files
*capable for print + web use

3 Color Palette Codes
HEX (universal)
CMYK (print)
RGB (web)
PANTONE (upon request +$85)

4 Social Graphic
JPG of Style Board
*perfect for social

5 Images
Style Board Images
*perfect for social + web

6 Final Logo Files
Black, White, Full Color, Secondary Color
Formats: ai, eps, png, pdf, jpg
*learn more about file formats here.

How to use your
brand style guide

Your Brand Style Guide is a toolkit for yourself, your team, and any third party creatives to create consistent materials for your new brand. Using your new fonts, colors, images, logos, and style guide - we recommend the following platforms to bring your brand materials to life.

  1. Canva

  2. Google Suite

  3. Microsoft Office

  4. Adobe Programs

Still looking for professional design assistance? Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Having a Brand Style Guide for us, or for your in-house designer is a helpful too to make sure that your brand is always consistent.


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