South Lake Brewing Company is a community-focused tasting room and
production brewery, inspired by the beauty, and adventure of South Lake Tahoe, California.



Create memorable brand + identity for a new brewery in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Be marketable to locals, and tourists alike

Create a modern appeal that represented Lake Tahoe and the community

Create a brand that was easily expandable for growth of the brewery

Communicate passion, beer, outdoors.



The brand needed to be bold, but still approachable. It needed to have a Tahoe essence, and story. Bear images are used frequently in Tahoe for businesses, but are only portrayed in one way - a sillhouette. We knew that using a bear image would instantly get us recognized as a Tahoe business, but how would we create this in a different way? To speak to the modern brewery, I proposed a geometric take on the bear - where I would strategically place Ursa Major inside the geometrical lines. This would be placed with an easy to read, and bold font for South Lake Brewing Company. We knew that we would be designing cans in the future, so I created the full logo within a hexagon that would fit perfectly on the front of a can, as well as on other marketing materials. The logo was created to either be shown in dark grey, or white. It would be placed against bold and beautiful images of the Tahoe area for contrast, and continuation of their local love and story.


I find it important to immerse myself in large branding projects before the creativity begins. During this process, I joined the owners Chris + Nicole at their investor meetings, enjoyed their hand crafted beers with community members, and joined them on tours of their newly purchased and yet converted brewery building. I found inspiration in the refreshing Tahoe evenings, where we could see the star constellation Ursa Major. Ursa Major is also known as the “Great Bear”. Bears are frequently seen in the Tahoe area, and are surprisingly friendly unless they are getting into your trash. The bears in Tahoe represent a community, in where all walks of life are welcome.



This bear/consultation logo was a hit - and has now become their staple logo, and mascot of South Lake Brewing Company. The “Bear” also known as “The Bär” (German, because beer duh.) is recognized instantly by most of Lake Tahoe Residents. The bear even has it’s own beer club, “The Bär Society” that gives you discounted prices on beer and merchandise. In two two years, South Lake Brewing Company has grown from 5 beers on tap, to now 22 beers rotating on tap, and 8 canned beers with their own unique designs for each beer.


The brewery itself is a reflection of the brand we created in 2015. Below is a list of other items that we have created to bring this brewery to life.

- Mural Design
- Website Design
- Apparel
- Social Media Direction
- Magazine Ads + Flyers
- Internal Print Pieces
- Can Design


Client Testimonial

“We've worked with Alison at Perspektiiv Design Co. for the past 3 years, and it has been nothing less than a wonderful partnership. We are extremely pleased with her work and what she has done for South Lake Brewing Company's branding. Alison is easy to work with and the design process is smooth and quick. She seems to have physic power when it comes to knowing what we are envisioning with all of our company's design elements. We would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to create a memorable brand that will last a lifetime.”