3 Reasons why we love honeybook


Our creative project management tool

We use HoneyBook as our Main Project Management tool. This platform helps us stay organized and book our clients more efficiently. Anyone with a business that has clients, invoices, and contracts will benefit from this application! Here is a list of 3 reasons why we love HoneyBook.

  1. all in one tool

    HoneyBook allows us to send invoices, collect payment, sign contracts, and complete questionnaires all in one place. In addition to these benefits, HoneyBook also keeps track of our income, lead sources, and stats for the month!


    We want our client on-boarding and continued processes to be as simple as possible, and HoneyBook allows that to happen. With direct emails, file organization, and a separate client login - clients can check in at any point to see where we are at in their budget, if they have invoices to pay, and more.


    Running a creative business takes a lot of work, and time. We have found that automating processes such as invoice reminders, email templates, and more - lets us spend less time managing projects and more time with our clients. Honeybook allows you to customize these automations so they are personable, and timely!


We are so happy to be able to share this platform with you! HoneyBook has given us 50% off a first year subscription to share with our friends and clients.

Alison LebofskyComment