Tips + Tricks: Working from Home

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Working from home as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee can be daunting. After 6 years of experience, we’ve been through the ups and downs of working from our home office. We’ve curated a list of the most important tips and tricks to keep you productive, healthy, and happy while running your business from home.

Working from Home tips and tricks

1. Set a schedule

This does not need to be your classic 9-5 if you don’t function that way. What is your most productive point in the day? Are you more creative in the evenings than in the morning? Plan ahead, and work at times that work best for you and your brain. Give yourself permission to relax during times that you do not feel productive. Make sure your clients know when you are working so they are able to respect your boundaries.

2. Clock Your Time

It’s important to know where your time is going. Not only for your clients, but for you. We use the app “Hours Keeper” to keep track of time on client projects, and personal projects. Time blocking in Google Calendar is also a great way to visually see your time within a day. Organize categories by color (internal business, client, personal, etc.) for an even more visual boost!

3. Stay Hydrated

This might be obvious, but dehydration can really affect your productivity. Keep a glass of water, tea, or other beverages near reach at all times. Our go-to is a 34oz Hydroflask with a straw lid - efficient and easy. Fill with ice and cucumber or lemon slices for an additional wellness benefit.

4. Get Fresh Air


5. Schedule Co-Working Dates




7. Get in the groove

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